Thursday, January 30, 2014

Graffiti by Ayla

I love graffiti!
When I met my boyfriend 5 years ago, I would never have thought I'd ever do this BUT...
It is SO much fun.
Just making art on a wall outside with a spraycan.
Making it as big as I want, with the colours I have.
It's really something to at least have tried once in your life.
True freedom (and the spraypaint smells good).
Now I'm hooked and when I have time and the weather is nice I make things like the picture below. It's still there. You can see it when driving on the Neherkade in The Haque (Netherlands).
I do have a graffiti-name: Ayla, but I rather make nice pictures than writing my name.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Reiki art

This canvas is called:
The Japanese signs on the canvas are the signs for #Reiki which means as much as
#Universal Energy.
As a Reiki master I've tried to make an image about what Reiki means to me.
The butterflies stand for transformation... it's flowing out of my hands, into the world to anyone who likes to receive it. Pure love from the heart, like dusk and dawn, send out trough the world.
I used mixed media to make this canvas. Some parts are painted by hand, some are papercuts, like the butterflies. I puffed them out to make a real 3-D effect.
40 cm x 60 cm

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I like to decorate birdfeeders with paper and papercuts.
I make them waterresistant with podge, so both people and birds can enjoy!
Really nice to give away for a birthday present or other occasions that you want to bring someone a present.

Birdfeeder with fairies and butterflies

Birdfeeder with butterflies

Please take responsibility for your energy

As I work as an feetreflextherapist and Reiki master I am convinced that people influence each others energy. In my workspace I'd like to keep the energy clean and peacefull.
Last year I had a new client who really had a very bad vibe. She was so sarcastic and negative that it costed me a whole lot of energy to keep calm in her presence and not go along in her negative spiral.
After she left I had to spiritual clean my workspace several times, because her energy was still hanging in the room.
I always tell people it's ok if they're having a bad day and want tell me about that or vent it with me, but after venting, most people start to relax and take over my calm and serene energy (that's what they come for... relaxation) .... only not this time.
The lady came for a second treatment. I thought she was just having a bad day the first time she was here and decided that she needed a second chance. Unfortunately she was bringing the same bad vibe.
She really sucked the energy out of me and yes.... she wanted to make another oppointment.
By the time the third appointment was on my scedule I made this canvas....
She saw it hanging on the wall and all of a sudden her mood changed a little, as if she became aware that I actually made it for her. She didn't come back, but I think she'd gotten it!
So ..... everywhere you go:
(into the space)

Why I make art

I love to be creative, I love to make art. It doesn't matter what I make... a canvas... a birdhouse, knitting, crochet as long as I'm busy with my hands... it's ok.

I have so many ideas in my head.... and it has to come out!
So when I do have time, I make art.... When I don't have time.... I make time for my art, because when I don't.... things don't work out for me...

Most of the time I do several projects at once.... one day I'd like to knit... the other day I rather do some papercutting.

Making art gives me peace in mind .... clearity.... and joy.... It keeps me alive.....
It's my way of life and it gives me the opportunity to step out of the real world and get in my own little world of happiness.

               So these pictures are exacty telling me
                                   what to do
                       to keep up with my soul!

As I have my workspace in my house, I can exhibit finished pieces right away.... you can also view them on the internet: (dutch page).

Because I'd sometimes like to explain why I make what I make.... I decided that it's time to make a blog about my art..... So now it's born....
I really hope you enjoy!

With love