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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Please take responsibility for your energy

As I work as an feetreflextherapist and Reiki master I am convinced that people influence each others energy. In my workspace I'd like to keep the energy clean and peacefull.
Last year I had a new client who really had a very bad vibe. She was so sarcastic and negative that it costed me a whole lot of energy to keep calm in her presence and not go along in her negative spiral.
After she left I had to spiritual clean my workspace several times, because her energy was still hanging in the room.
I always tell people it's ok if they're having a bad day and want tell me about that or vent it with me, but after venting, most people start to relax and take over my calm and serene energy (that's what they come for... relaxation) .... only not this time.
The lady came for a second treatment. I thought she was just having a bad day the first time she was here and decided that she needed a second chance. Unfortunately she was bringing the same bad vibe.
She really sucked the energy out of me and yes.... she wanted to make another oppointment.
By the time the third appointment was on my scedule I made this canvas....
She saw it hanging on the wall and all of a sudden her mood changed a little, as if she became aware that I actually made it for her. She didn't come back, but I think she'd gotten it!
So ..... everywhere you go:
(into the space)

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