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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Why I make art

I love to be creative, I love to make art. It doesn't matter what I make... a canvas... a birdhouse, knitting, crochet as long as I'm busy with my hands... it's ok.

I have so many ideas in my head.... and it has to come out!
So when I do have time, I make art.... When I don't have time.... I make time for my art, because when I don't.... things don't work out for me...

Most of the time I do several projects at once.... one day I'd like to knit... the other day I rather do some papercutting.

Making art gives me peace in mind .... clearity.... and joy.... It keeps me alive.....
It's my way of life and it gives me the opportunity to step out of the real world and get in my own little world of happiness.

               So these pictures are exacty telling me
                                   what to do
                       to keep up with my soul!

As I have my workspace in my house, I can exhibit finished pieces right away.... you can also view them on the internet: (dutch page).

Because I'd sometimes like to explain why I make what I make.... I decided that it's time to make a blog about my art..... So now it's born....
I really hope you enjoy!

With love

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